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Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Newport Golf Simulator-Revolutionizing the Simulator Rental World:

Before the debut of the Newport simulator, renting a golf simulator was next to impossible. The older, larger simulators were hard to move, took a long time to setup and were very expensive to rent. I have researched the rental prices of a full size golf simulator and the rental prices ranged from $850-$3200 a day! Many of these simulators were between five to ten years old with outdated technology and requiring a footprint of over 350sqft. Due to the price, complexity of setting up and moving these mammoth units really limited the demand for renting golf simulators. This has all changed with the Newport.

The Newport golf simulator is smaller; it has a footprint of only 160sqft. and only requires a 9 foot ceiling. It plugs into one single outlet and runs off a standard 110V household current. Thus this simulator can go just about anywhere. Setup is a breeze; the unit is designed to be setup and ready to use in about 30 minutes (less, once you have some experience). It is lightweight and very portable. It can be moved via a pickup truck and the entire unit can be stored in a small storage unit.

Due to the fact this golf simulator is designed to be portable, it will open doors in the rental market for years to come. Corporate events, team building, awards ceremonies, birthday parties and even bachelor parties now have an affordable entertainment option with the Newport. In the past owners of golf simulators had to relay on customer traffic coming to the simulator, now with the Newport you can take the simulator to your customers.

You get all of the benefits of a smaller, affordable, portable simulator without sacrificing performance. This is not some stripped down model; the Newport has all the options and capabilities of the larger more expensive simulators. 15 courses, driving range programs, a multitude of game modes and the very popular contest modes all come standard with the Newport. You can have you patrons or guests compete for the longest drive or closest to the pin, with the contest modes. There are optional add-on packages which can round out your course library with over 60 playable golf courses.

Although this product is new, it has already changed the simulator rental market for good. You will start to see this product at trade show, business events and yes at your local golf course. Rental companies will be adding the Newport to their inventory very soon. Check the internet for the best deals and enjoy playing on the best portable golf simulator on the market.

For information on renting or purchasing the Newport please contact us through the website.


  1. I will definitely get this Newport Golf Simulator. I was able to try renting a golf simulator and it was 1000 dollars a day. I tried renting once only because it is very expensive and its capabilities are also limited. I think this Newport Golf Simulator will be a perfect one for me as a golf fanatic.

  2. With the advent of the latest technology, I see the golf simulators being a hot ticket item in the next few years. Not only are they affordable now, but their mobile. Their easy to break down and put together within minutes. It's great fun family entertainment, similar to X-Box 360. The Wii Tiger Woods golf game.


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