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Friday, December 10, 2010

The Newport golf simulator is now available with E6 software!

Breaking news in the golf simulator world. Our most popular simulator, the Newport, is now available with the best golf software on the market…E6! This golf software gives the player the most realistic golfing experience while playing indoors. E6 offers state-of-the-art graphics which enable a player to change weather conditions as they play, four different camera angles for unprecedented views of the round being played. The E6 course library contains some of the World’s most prestigious courses, which are mapped with incredible detail and accuracy.

Previously, this software was only available on the higher-end, more expensive models. Now for the first time you can get all the advantages of the Newport; its compact size, portability and affordable price point, with all the incredible benefits of E6. The combination of the Newport golf simulator and E6 software, make a truly unique and impressive golf simulator that can be enjoyed in both residential and commercial applications.
Contact us today at Sports Entertainment Specialists, Inc. to learn more about this exciting news. The Newport Golf Simulator with E6

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