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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Chase Perfection with a Sports Simulator

Need more speed on your fast ball? How's your slap shot? You can strengthen your technique playing on a sports simulator. Whether you are tossing the ball or slapping the puck into a virtual environment, virtual sports provide you the feedback to perform at your highest level possible.

Try playing on a sports simulator and engage yourself in a remarkable virtual experience. Pitch against an aggressive batter, chuck tight spirals to receivers, or shoot pucks at a nimble goalie. Unlike video games, sports simulators are not totally digital. You're given a more real feeling of the sport by handling actual elements from the sport in your hands, like a baseball cradled between your fingers or a football squeezed firmly between your hands.

The same goes for any other sport on a modern simulator. You can practice nearly every situation of many sports, like a penalty kick in soccer, or a shot from the bunker in golf. And, if you focus on a single sport, the virtual experience can help you quickly improve within that particular sport.

In a baseball simulator, you can pitch in the middle of a simulated game situation. You know that timeless scenario: your team leads by one run. You get up on the mound against the opponent's best batter. With two outs in bottom of the ninth, the bases are loaded. The count is three balls and two strikes. Now you need to step up and actually make that pitch against your simulated opponent. Say you opt to hurdle some heat; a simulator can measure how quick you're throwing with its built-in speed gun. But if you hit the batter, he'll flinch and take his base. At the end of your session, a simulator can report back all the stats including how many pitches were tossed, the percentage of strikes versus balls, the number of strikeouts, hits and runs.

Maybe America's pastime isn't your thing. There are other virtual sports you can enjoy too. In a hockey simulator, you'll be able to shoot at a life sized goalie guarding a regulation sized net. The goalie will react and move to every shot. He may even rob you with a nice glove save. Or you can play target practice against plates located in the bottom and top corners of the net as well as the five hole. In either case, a hockey simulator can keep track of your shots' velocities, their average velocity, goals, saves and the placement of your shots.

A soccer simulator is very comparable to hockey in that you shoot against a goaltender that reacts to your shot. Don't be surprised if the goalie dives and catches your bending shot.

In the football simulator, you may play as either a glorified quarterback, or an underrated kicker. As a quarterback, the sports simulator projects moving receivers onto the field at different spots. These receivers can be covered by defenders. You must precisely throw to the receivers for a completion.

When kicking the football, you're provided the yellow uprights against a stadium backdrop. The virtual experience allows you to feel the tension that professional kickers have to deal with. You're also given a breakdown of your performance, including your completions, field goals made, misses as well as interceptions.

Virtual sports also feature basketball and golf. In hoops, it is possible to relentlessly shoot a variety of shots from various different angles, including threes. In golf, most systems allow you to play and practice on multiple virtual courses, and swing from just about anywhere like the tee box, fairway, rough, and you're even able to putt on the green.

You can monitor your progress and success by collecting the statistics presented to you by the simulator. You can improve your technique, work on your accuracy and track how well you're progressing with statistical results. In addition, experiencing the actual feel of the game's equipment - like a football, or a hockey stick - is a benefit. Sports simulators are not simply some video game you play with your thumbs.

The difference between just practicing and practicing smart is significant. While using a sports simulator, you can perfect your game by overseeing your practice. Additionally, you can play on the simulator with your pals, talk smack and enjoy hours of fun.

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