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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Golfer’s Man Cave: The Ultimate Game Room

The man cave is defined as the last, real male refuge in the contemporary world, not an actual chasm in the side of a mountain. The term man cave is a metaphor for the last bastion of manliness. The man cave is usually a garage, a basement or a spare bedroom that is left without an elegant female touch. Who needs that when you can have posters of scantily clad ladies, or perhaps the portrait of dogs playing poker?

Besides the animal head hanging on the wall or the lit neon beer light, almost everything within a man cave has a function. The television serves as entertainment. Video games provide an escape for the male mind. The pool table is a battle ground. And the electric guitar is a lingering token of fading rock star dreams. Very little inside the man cave is regarded as decoration.

Years ago, the man cave was a safe haven only the rich businessman could afford. However, in these cost-effective times, even the everyman can retreat into his man cave. The best part of the man cave is the ability to personalize it to the things you like.

For a gambling man, his man cave may be equipped with billiard and poker tables. A sports fan may have a foosball table and a massive television to watch the game every Sunday. An avid golfer’s cave may look something like this…

Every man cave has a centerpiece. It’s the object that ties the entire room together. These centerpieces include air hockey tables, pin ball machines, etc. It’s the pride-and-joy of the man room. For a golfer, a virtual golf simulator is the icon of the room.

Guys can gather around for friendly competition with many of these centerpieces. Competitive golfers can take part in a series of contests with a golf simulator. One in particular may be the longest drive. Nothing appeals to a man’s dimwitted, caveman ego than a competition of who can smash the ball the farthest.

Nevertheless, a man cave should always carry an element of sophistication, like a great cigar, to combat the steady low-brow state of affairs. Contests can certainly be as sophisticated as an 18-hole round of golf at some of the most refined and classy courses in the world, such as Pebble Beach and Augusta.

The man room also holds complementary items. A man will need other conquests to satisfy his self esteem. Perhaps alongside the pin-ball machine stands a Pac-man game, and beside the golf simulator may sit a practice putting green.

For a golfer, putting is a key factor to his golf game and must be relentlessly practiced. The routine of repetitive putting can put an aggravated man at ease, like slowly rocking a cradle to sooth a screaming baby. It’s a distraction, making a practice putting green the perfect piece to the man room puzzle. A golfer can develop a more zen-like approach to his putting game by using a practice green.

As stated previously, the man room is only obligated to the delights of its owner. Since there is no sensible design or dogma to a man cave, the room requires no theme or blueprint. The valuables in a man cave shouldn’t end as swiftly as this article, because the man room is infinite.

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