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Friday, March 18, 2011

Correct Your Golf Technique With Modern Gadgets

Many touring pros will tell you that correct technique is paramount to hitting the golf ball solidly. For the golfer that is looking to take the next step, modern gadgets like golf swing analyzers can provide you the info to hit the ball pure.

Nearly every swing on the pro tour is unique, but there is one part of every swing that is very similar; the club at impact. A pro’s solid technique allows them to square up the clubface through impact with a downward strike on the back of the ball. While their swing path may vary slightly from inside-out to outside-in, the best golfers swing down the target line through impact.

So why does the ordinary golfer’s technique leave them aggravated and constantly looking for their ball? For most golfers, the reason is they don’t understand what is going on with their club through the moment of impact. The fact is, even with the keenest eyesight, this part of the swing is not possible to observe with the naked eye. Here’s where technology helps.

A golf swing analyzer can record the club head path and face angle which allows you to detect lots of problems and make micro corrections until you are finally striking the ball purely. Your golf swing technique can be additionally improved with the additional information the golf swing analyzer offers. Included is monitoring the club head speed, impact location on the club face, ball speed, spin, launch angle and shot direction.

Establishing good golf technique normally takes many years of patience and practice. Even though a golf swing analyzer may not offer immediate results for most golfers, it can drastically hasten the process. You will be able to correct your muscle memory and hard wire your technique after only several practice sessions with its guidance.

By training with these gadgets you will learn the secrets to solid contact. The mystery of your slices, hooks, miss-hits or shanks will be history. Plus with the guidance of the golf swing analyzer will be able to ingrain the correct muscle memory and perfect your technique.

It is an exciting time to be an aspiring golfer with the terrific technology out there. From the numerous revolutionary swing analyzers to golf simulators, we can feel like a pro, even if we are not actually golfing like one… yet.

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