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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Golf Simulators Boost Appeal at Trade Shows

Not many of the things at a golf trade show could you group under the umbrella term of "golf." When you first enter a golf trade show you might notice a variety of promotions, like teeth bleaching, tacos, and birds of prey. Many of the unrelated novelties at the golf expo draw no serious interest or produce genuine sales, even though it would be awesome to have a falconer as a caddy and an eagle to find your lost golf balls.

What can best capture people's attention (and most importantly, increase sales) at a golf expo - or any type of convention for that matter - is a simulator. At some golf expos, several golf simulators are set up to help sell products. The tactic is a wise move, because the salespeople who use the golf simulators have customers wrapped around their fingers.

Golf simulators can enhance the allure of your booth at any trade show, especially ones that center on golf. First, people are drawn to the brightly lit virtual world projected on the screen. These golf simulators are huge and colorful, appealing to consumers' inner most interest for big, shiny things. Next, people might want to try the golf simulator. What's important is to always have a golfer using the simulator - even if he's somebody on your sales team - because this also feeds into another one of people's most inner desires: jealousy. If prospective customers see someone else trying the simulator, they will want to also.

By utilizing some of the many exceptional golf simulators with awesome presentations out there, salespeople gather crowds who gaze eagerly at their booth. At this point, it's best to put your merchandise into action. For instance, if it's a golf wedge, have a volunteer try out the club by hitting shots into the simulator.

The volunteer will immediately notice the difference in his putt, chip, drive, etc. if you have a good product. By providing more empirical evidence to the customers, the golf simulator assists the sale. Furthermore, golf simulators help with club-fitting. By repeatedly practicing his swing, experimenting, measuring and fitting, a customer can have his clubs fit properly. People won't challenge your promises. Instead, they will be able to observe how the product functions right in front of them.

Also present at golf trade shows are practice putting greens. Like golf simulators, practice putting greens are used to draw customers in for an interactive experience. They also provide more empirical evidence of a product's improvements and also help with putter-fitting.

By using either a practice putting green and golf simulator, you can harness a crowd of mesmerized potential customers. In this scenario, you can also show off your product to generate sales. Still, if a simulator or a putting green doesn't generate many immediate sales, they still make a lasting impression on people. Their neat presentation and interactive nature create an appearance of legitimacy and success toward consumers who highly-regard successful businesses.

At this year's Denver Golf Expo on Feb. 11-13 at the Denver Merchandise Mart, Sports Entertainment Specialists showed off the Newport golf simulator. Here's a video of the Newport in action:

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