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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Keeping Your Golf Game Hot During the Cold

When the winter months arrive and freeze the courses, you lie in bed dreaming about next year. You dream of future golf glory. The perfect swing. The ideal put. You think if it could just be next season already. Of course, if only you could get out on the course right now.

But the truth is, what are you actually doing to improve your golf game over the offseason? Isn't it every spring you need to pretty much start over again, warming up your swing, making oh-so-slight changes in your stance and so on? What a futile routine!

You know, you can keep your game hot during the cold. Just as the ice melts from the fairway, you'll undoubtedly remain in your prime. You may have possibly developed a few improvements, too!

Virtual Golf Helps You Remain Physically Adept

So perhaps you're not as in-shape as Tiger Woods, although that doesn't suggest that you can't maintain your muscle memory for your swing.

Every winter, when you tuck your golf clubs in for a very long winter's sleep, your golf game falls into hibernation as well. After that, when your muscles are rudely woken up from that first swing of the new season, its memory sometimes suffers from confusion.

Now, you're left guessing where your game went. In scientific groups, that's called atrophy - whenever muscles decline, decrease, or degenerate, as from disuse. In normal terminology, atrophy means you really should to use it, or lose it.

By keeping you muscles busy, you can stop your golf game from sliding. You can do this by playing as if you were on a real course.

Of course you don't want to play when the weather is wintry out. That's why technologically inclined golfers invented virtual golf. Golfers can stay warm and cozy inside and keep their game sharp.

Virtual Golf Keeps You Psychologically Ready

A golfer named Bobby Jones once explained that golf is a game that is played on a five-inch course - the distance between your ears. What virtual golf can do for a golfer is keep this five-inch course ready.

Anxiety is created by new and unfamiliar situations. Tension can have a bad effect on your golf game. Therefore, what better way to cope with high-pressure situations than to become more familiar with them? You may find yourself in problematic situations playing virtual golf such as having to carry 180 yards of water, hitting a tight fairway or sticking your shot on an island green. Having encountered these mental tests virtually, you will be far better ready during the summer to manage similar predicaments. You can keep loose and self-confident just by applying virtual golf.

Stay Technically Sound With the Golf Swing Analyzer

Golf simulators can provide a golf swing analyzer system to help golfers make breakthroughs in their game. Taking golf swings frequently may keep you in "golf shape," and digging yourself out of hard situations may keep you mentally ready. However, you still may be hunting for that discovery inside your game.

Without proper coaching, players can find themselves running into a hidden wall with their game. The difference between an average Joe and a pro is what occurs during the contact of the club face against the ball.

A golf swing analyzer allows you to see the spin, launch angle, club head speed, ball speed, direction, club face angle, and club path angle of your shot when the club strikes the ball. Seems overwhelming, but a golf swing analyzer gives info that allows you to refine your swing, so that you may finally execute it flawlessly.

By putting your golfing on hiatus in the winter season, you have to unavoidably rebound from that awful golf-less opening on the calendar. Virtual golf is the cure to keep your golf game sharp.

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