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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Sports Fan's Man Cave: More Than Mere Video Games

Of all the man caves around, from motor heads to computer nerds, the sports fan’s is probably the most popular. A sports fan’s man cave is furnished with a big screen television to watch the big game, numerous couches and sitting areas for friends to get comfortable, perhaps a bar – or at least a refrigerator – containing beer to fuel the fiery fanatics, and several pieces of sports souvenirs hanging off the walls, mocking the wife or girlfriend as mementos of her husband’s or boyfriend’s strong love for a sport.

Still, a sports fan’s man room can be more than a simple theater for enjoying televised sports. Some sports fans like to spice it up with a video game console equipped with football games, like Madden, or NBA Live. This is because, men like silly competition. For the sports fan, this is sparked by watching competitive sports, which only motivates delusional ideas of extraordinary prowess.

Yet, video games aren’t the only pieces of modern technology that can improve the man room, for instance, the sports simulator. Specific simulators, like a mini home sports simulator, can fit comfortably inside the sports fan’s man room while also using the television.

Sports simulators may not resemble virtual reality, but they provide a very engaging experience to sports fans. They not only allow men to beat each other at sports, but allow them to fantasize about becoming professional athletes. Sports simulators engage the user by allowing the use of real sports gear. For instance, users can throw a football, or shoot a hockey puck into the simulator.

A home sports simulator has all the capabilities a normal sports simulator has, but is more practical for a man cave. It doesn’t use up the room required for friends to stretch out their legs and snack on nachos and beer.

For those die-hard sports fans, you are a good candidate for a serious man cave. No rec room is complete without a home sports simulator to battle against a virtual opponent or even your buddies.

Most sports simulators need a backdrop for the projection of the simulated sport. Nevertheless, with a home sports simulator, it can be hooked up into a television. The sports fan with the big screen can use his massive television as the simulator’s back drop and projection. Clearly, a miniature home sports simulator requires a net to be set up in front of the television, or else many a crazed sports fan would have shattered televisions.

No man wants a broken television. The mini sports simulator can become the staple for the man cave. No longer will it be a room used during game days, but a room that can be used every day. After work, or into the wee hours of the night, you can enjoy spending more time in the man room, even if the wife or girlfriend hates it.

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