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Thursday, December 6, 2012

The Technique Trainer is Now Available

After much anticipation the Technique Trainer is here!  The "Trainer", as we like to call it, is a great golf swing analyzer with a lot of other great features.

Analyze your Ball Striking

Technique Trainer golf swing analyzer
First the analysis part... If you are familiar with the integrated swing analyzer on other TruGolf simulators, then you will recognize this software. Powered by E6golf lite software and TruTrac Mini, the Trainer provides great visual and numerical data on the spin, launch angle, club head speed, ball speed, direction, club face angle, and club path angle. This feedback will allow you to identify what you cannot see with the naked eye — specifically what is happening through the hitting area. We have heard many stories from golfers who have used this system who have improved their ball striking dramatically with the feedback the analyzer provides.

Not a true simulator but...

The Trainer is not a full immersion simulator as you are hitting into a golf net, however it does have the ability for users to hook up a large monitor and play 45 world-class courses of E6 lite. In addition, the Practice Area with Driving Range, Chip, Putt & Scoring Zone allows for hours and hours of enjoyable golf training. While it is does not provide full virtual golf immersion, we feel that this product meets the needs of people who want an affordable indoor golf experience.

Check out the Technique Trainer here

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