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Thursday, September 12, 2013

Unveiling the New Sport Xp Golf Simulator

The New SES Sport Xp Series is Creating Excitement!

Sports Entertainment Specialists, Inc. is proud to share the launch of our new system the Sport Xp. We designed this new system to be portable, versatile and part of a larger program to provide you more options as your needs change and technology improves. 

The Sport Xp Golf™

The Sport Xp Golf™ is just the beginning. We created this model to fuse all the strengths of the GC2 launch monitor with the ability to add additional software and play on the run. The GC2 is one of the most accurate launch monitors on the market and also one of the most flexible. Its portability allows you to hone your skills at home on one of the best simulated golf courses in the world and then pick it up and take it to the driving range to tweak your swing before a game with friends.  

Two Great Software Options:

GC2 Performance Software
Great for training and club fitting with 80+ golf courses of simulation.

Creative Golf 3D
Great for golfers looking for a fun way to develop skills with the entire family. Comes with 50+ courses and 19 entertaining practice scenes.

Simulators of the Future

As we talk with our customers and continually test new products in the simulator market we have found the biggest challenge is keeping up with technology and adding new software to meet our client’s needs. The Sport Xp is the solution. Our system allows you to add on new golf courses, software or even different sports modules. For example, you can play 18 holes in Europe followed by hunting for trophy elk in the northwest United States.

We want your feedback!

We're excited about the potential and options now available with the new Sport Xp Golf and we look forward to hearing your comments as we expand this great line. To find out more information please contact us or call at 303-926-1003 or 888-720-GAME.

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