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Thursday, March 13, 2014

The New and Improved Signature Golf Simulator

Can it get any Better?

Signature Golf Simulator
For a golf simulator to meet the high demands of commercial applications it must incorporate top-of-the-line components that offer entertainment and a great return on investment. Well, we have some good news for you. The SES team is pleased to announce the New and Improved Signature Golf Simulator. After careful review we find this to be one of the most cost effective and advanced golf simulators on the market.

Virtual Golf for all Applications

With 45 of the world’s finest courses, a high definition mounted projector, and cutting edge swing analysis this system brings the highest quality at a price that is almost impossible to beat. An upgraded structure allows more stability and branding, while still maintaining a manageable footprint. The lush turf and 174” diagonal commercial grade screen make this one of the best-constructed systems on the market. It is perfect for store fronts, golf ranges and commercial entertainment businesses. Many people even have them installed in their homes.

Advanced Golf Technology

With any simulator, the package is only as good as the technology behind it. The Signature system comes loaded with much of the same advanced electronics used in the most expensive packages. The system utilizes two separate forms of shot tracking to achieve an extremely accurate ball flight. This allows realistic reaction to both club path and club-face angle resulting in a more lifelike experience. The high powered computer and 3.1 surround sound add to entire experience by providing smooth play with great ambiance.

Ready for the Future 

Perhaps the best feature of this system is its ability to grow as new technology and upgrades become available. It has been designed with the option to add-on different sports, multiple golf courses and even to be used with your WiiTM, PlayStationTM, or XBOXTM. In fact, the final touches are being made to allow golfers from anywhere to compete in online tournaments on world championship courses. Many businesses are already establishing their foothold in this growing market as the demand and interest continues to grow.

Get Your Game On

It doesn’t matter if your business has one or multiple simulators; this system attracts attention and encourages repeat customers, especially with the realistic gaming and multiple venues. To find out how you can profit from the improved Signature Series, please contact us here, or call one of our experts at: 888.720.GAME. Let’s go play some golf!

by Mark Popenhagen Google

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