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Monday, May 5, 2014

The GC2-K Performance Kiosk - It's Time for Something Big

Make Money the Old Fashioned Way

It seems at times everyone is out to make money by cutting corners, attempting to sell inferior products or simply cutting services to increase profits. At SES we are committed to providing the best products that are worth every penny and earn even more! We have talked with many range owners and virtual golf businesses and have seen an increased demand for high quality systems that customers use repeatedly and continue to attract new business. Once again, we are proud to announce another great system.

Introducing the GC2 Kiosk

The Next Generation of Superior Golf Training
Whether you set up the GC2 Kiosk on your outdoor range or indoors on an advanced simulator system your customers will be amazed at the information that is at their fingertips. In an era of big data this system delivers it all. Clients will enjoy the benefits of getting amazing information on their swing and ball flight while hitting a real ball.  This system is set up to bring the ultimate in customer satisfaction and increased revenue.

What Makes the GC2 Kiosk So Special

Powered by the accuracy and reliability of the GC2 Smart Camera System, the package delivers amazing results within an easy to use system. Combined with the FSX Software, users are able to get high quality shot analysis in an environment that is entertaining and aids training even for the most advanced players. The software and hardware are built to last and withstand the elements and golfers. The FSX Software is not only fun to use, but provides real time data on ball flight, allows users to compare club performance and is perfect for lessons.

What You Get

You become the owner of one of the most state of the art systems on the market. No ball marking or special balls are required and ongoing calibration is unnecessary. You can expect the same level of quality you would expect from any GC2 system. In addition, this weather proof system measures ball speed from 2 mph to 200+, and distances from 8 inches - 500+ yds. With this kind of accuracy clients will quickly realize how beneficial this is to their game and continually use the system to improve technique and scores.

Increased Performance and Accuracy

Sports Entertainment Specialists Approved

We strongly believe if you deliver quality products and services to your customer base you will also enjoy increased revenues. This system not only provides the most accurate technology available, but also provides ongoing entertainment and return business from your customers. There are outdoor and indoor models available with the GC2 Kiosk line allowing play at your driving range or indoor golf center.

Limited Time Offer

For a limited time SES is giving away a 5’ x 5’ Real Feel Hitting Mat (a $500 value) with every outdoor unit purchased. We are so confident you’ll love this system that not only will you be using it, but your customers will keep coming back for more. Contact one of our specialists today or call 888-720-GAME to discover how this great system will add to your current set up.

by Mark Popenhagen Google

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