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Monday, September 24, 2018

Sport Simulators - Bring The Game to You!

Our goal is simple: to bring the fun and challenge in sports whenever, wherever you want. Our multi-sports simulators can work in any room as long as there is electricity and we can install the product for you at your convenience. And we assure you that you can use it immediately, right after we finish installing.

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Your Simulator Can Be Installed Anywhere

It doesn’t matter if you want to install the simulator in your home or at work, as long as the room’s dimensions are at least 10’ x 10’ x 10’. We recommend that you at least have additional 1’ allowance for the length and width of the room and 2’ allowance for the height. The smallest screen that we offer are 6’9” tall by 9’ wide.

A Business Opportunity

You can even profit from the multi-sports simulator. We can install a coin or bill collection system that will require players to pay before they could play. It is an excellent source of additional revenue for those who run cafes, restaurants, bars, arcades, or any business that has lots of traffic.

Advertising and Branding

The games within the simulator are programmed to allow in-game advertisements and branding. You can set it up to place logos and ad images on the game environment itself, just like in typical sports arenas. You do not necessarily need to put an ad for yourself. You can, instead, sell ad spaces in your game as another way to earn profit.

Bill, Coin, and Credit Operations

If you plan to make the simulator your primary profit driver, it is best that you add a bill, coin, and credit card system on the simulator. Doing so can simplify the operation and renting of the system. Installing this system allows for faster turnovers for customers, simpler price management, and quicker profit collection.

The Best Businesses That Work With Multi-Sport Simulator Systems

Some of the best places or businesses that you want to place or use a simulator in are recreation centers, entertainment centers, retail sporting goods stores, indoor sports centers, and sports stadiums or arenas. The best thing about the simulator is that it doesn’t wear and tear fast despite heavy use. The only abused part of the system is the screen, which you can easily replace or fix.

An Effective Training Tool

Our multi-sports simulator comes with real sports equipment for the appropriate games. You do not play using controllers. Instead, you swing with a real bat, tee with a real club, and throw a real baseball. Using the necessary equipment for the actual sport makes for an awesome immersive experience — as if you are truly playing a real game.

A Wireless Experience

The set of sports equipment you use in our simulator is completely wireless. You do not need to wear any wired equipment to start a game. Just set the game, get your sports gear (e.g. bat, club, soccer ball, etc.), and play. Nothing will tether you to the system — just like a real game.
How Does It Work?

The system takes advantage of motion control. It uses four high-end tracking cameras to monitor you and your sports equipment. The cameras record all your movements. An object tracking program translates the images the cameras have captured as data. The program then sends the processed data as input to the game you chose.

We provide high-speed tracking cameras, which can take more than 2,000 pictures every second. Our Microsight technology allows the system to detect the angle, speed, and trajectory of the projectiles that move within the platform area. Basically, it can track the pucks and balls with extreme precision in real time.

Safety With Sports Equipment and Balls

You do not need to worry about the safety of playing sports inside the room where you installed the system. You can rest assured that the screen — an impact-resistant double-layer mesh screen — can withstand the force of the balls or puck you use during your games. The screen is able to absorb and dampen the impact to prevent your equipment from flying wildly all over the room.

Screen Designed for Performance

The LCD projector that comes with the system will display the visual elements of the game on the dual-layer mesh screen. Most of the games have menus and additional graphical user interface to provide you with important game and sports information. You can set and interact with the system using a touch screen that comes with the system.

Sport Simulator Systems

We offer four multi-sport systems as packages: VS Elite, VS-14x, VS-12G, and VS-10. We also offer our VS Add-On package, which adds many sports to your existing simulator

Sports Software Packages

We have three sports software packages for our systems: the America pack, the World pack, and the Entertainment pack. You get baseball and football for the America pack; while you get hockey, soccer, cricket, and rugby for the World pack. Lastly, with the Entertainment pack, you get bocce, zombie dodgeball, carnival (Carniville), and basketball. Most of the simulators provide you the chance to perform important aspects of the sport. For example, baseball simulations let you hit and pitch. In football, you can perform passes and field goal responsibilities. In basketball, you can practice shooting.

Virtual Golf

The first three systems (VS Elite, VS-14x, and VS-12G) come with a golf simulator — the E6 golf by TruGolf, which comes with 15 detailed and beautiful courses (Base Course Package). All of the systems are expandable, which means that you can add any games.
VS Multi-Sport Add-On and SES Gold Service Package

You can only choose one sports software package for any system you go for. But you can avail of our VS Multi-Sport Add-On to get all the sports software packages in your system. This add-on also includes shipping and our Gold Package installation and servicing plan. The Gold Package includes lifetime support, training, and premium wires and cables.

We know that some of you may already have a multisport simulation system. That’s OK — you can still avail of the sports simulation games packages or add-on even if you already have an existing simulator system from another company. You can still get all the games from the Multi-Sport Add-On, as well as the additional services that come with it.

VS Elite

The VS Elite is our biggest product and we recommend it to those who prefer to have the most customized sports gaming experience. We will be more than willing to collaborate with your architect or contractor to convert the room where you want to have the system install into a complete gaming, entertainment, and home theater area — your very own man-cave. You can even easily add and extend your library of games, sports, and simulation programs (such as flight and car simulators) with our system’s extendibility feature.

We recommend that you have a room with a dimension of 11’ x 14’ x 15’ for the VS Elite system. It is not the minimum requirement, but it is best to future-proof your room if you plan to put in additional features later. The VS Elite comes with the SES Gold service plan and a 1-year warranty on all of the programs and equipment that we will provide.


The VS-14’s minimum space requirement is 10’6” x 14’3” x 14’4”. It comes with a dual-layer mesh screen that is 13’ wide, 10’ tall, and 3” thick. The other equipment you will get are: a 15” touch screen, system PC, TruTrac sensors, Picosight tracking cameras, and an EPSON LCD projector. You get to choose one of the three software packs.


The VS-12G’s minimum space requirement is 10’ x 13’ x 13”. It comes with an impact-resistant dual-layer mesh screen that is 12’ wide, 9’ tall, and 3” thick. The other equipment you will get are: a 15” touch screen, SIM-optimized system PC, four Microsight tracking cameras, and an EPSON LCD projector. You get to choose one of the three software packs. Note that the main differences between the packages are the screen size, number and type of sensors and cameras, and required room space.


The VS-10’s minimum space requirement is 10’ x 10’ x 10”. It comes with an impact-resistant Cordura screen that is 9’ wide, 6’ 9” tall, and 3” thick. The other equipment you will get are: a 15” touch screen, object tracking system PC, four Picosight tracking cameras, and an EPSON LCD projector. You get to choose one of the three software packs.

Our Service Plans

We have two installation and servicing packages available for you: the SES Silver package and the SES Gold package. The SES Gold package comes with the VS Elite system package and the VS Multi-Sport Add-On.

SES Silver Service Package

This service plan comes with the regular on-site installation and construction of the system you got. Our service people will also set everything up and train/teach the person who will operate the system for three days. The schedule of the installation depends on your schedule. Do note that the flat fee does not include potential additional labor and travel costs.

SES Gold Service Package

The Gold plan is basically an upgraded version of the Silver plan — but with a ton of perks. First, the training for the operator(s) will be much more intensive and even includes an extensive Q&A session. Second, you will get extended support for your system from us combined with the support of the respective OEMs of included equipment. The support is valid as long as you keep all the warranties.

Come talk to us to learn more!


Thursday, January 18, 2018

3 Reasons to Go With a Custom Golf Simulator Room

A custom golf simulator is a system designed to fit any exact requirements and space. You can have it worked into the design of your basement, office, garage or family room. We often work with homeowners, contractors and handymen to create a seamless look for your custom room. Also, if you own a bar, clubhouse, pro golf shop or a golf business, these are also a great way to go. So, drum roll please... Here are the 3 reasons to choose a custom simulator.

1 - We Can Configure to Work Perfectly in Your Space

We can configure it perfectly based on the size of the room where you want it installed. Our team is composed of experts that can create a great layout and design for an efficient space use that will maintain a natural flow. A custom setup can be fitted to allow for the best golf experience as if you’re out in the links as well. We design and create golf simulators in a wide range of sizes and shapes to accommodate most space limitations, budgets and designs.

2 - Home Theater Heaven

We create custom golf simulators with a widescreen to use as a home theater.  So each time you’re done with a round of golf at Bethpage Black or PGA National, you have the option to watch your favorite movies or Netflix series with your loved ones. It is like investing in two systems – a golf simulator and a home theater system because it lets you switch from one activity to another without leaving the premises. Enjoy watching Caddyshack, PGA tournaments and much more with the custom golf simulator.

3 – Ability to Add More to Your System

As custom simulators require fewer constraints regarding the structure, you have more options with adding games and other sports to the system. We can customize it based on your needs and add your favorite gaming console games, such as WII, PlayStation or Xbox. Our team can also add a flight or car-racing simulator alongside the system to create the ultimate game room. Adding more golf course is also easy as you have over 80 of the best courses in the world to choose from. These courses are presented in brilliant 4K resolutions with the state of the art E6 Connect.

The system also includes contest modes and driving range which will help you improve your skills and get more enjoyment out of the game. The swing analysis software tracks your club head’s movement allowing you to spot what is happening through impact (See this article: "Your Golf Technique Can Be Improved By What The Naked Eye Cannot See".

If you’re not a pro golfer that can spend hours playing every day, the odds are your golf game is not where you want it to be. And, if you’re an executive or have a full time job, you can’t really be out in the links anytime you want. Unless you are retired, you might not be able to squeeze in rounds of golf on any given day. However, both schedule and time constraints should not stop you from enjoying the game you love. In this case, a custom golf simulator can be your ticket.

Our team can help you install and setup a custom golf simulator to be the main attraction in your home, office or business. We can customize it to fit your requirements and needs while offer features you didn't even know were possible. Plus, the impressive widescreen with its outstanding resolution will give you that real golf environment experience. It can also double as a home theater system to watch your favorite movies or TV series with guests or family members. You and your kids can also play your favorite console games and other sports during your free time for a great family bonding experience.

Are you ready to take your golf skills to the next level? Do you want to enjoy the sport at any given time without dealing with the weather or squeezing it into your hectic schedule? We can help you realize this dream.

Learn More about Our Custom Golf Simulators here

Or Contact us today!

Thursday, March 10, 2016

SimHunt Review – A Real Hunting Experience Right In Your Own Home

There are several hunting simulators out there, but none come close to the SimHunt™ system. This is one of the most advanced hunting simulators around, and the best part is that you can use it right in the comfort of your own home!

Realistic Environment and Interactions

The graphics of SimHunt will make you feel like you are out in the wilderness, even if you are just in your living room. This “game” will immerse the players in a true 3-D world with life-like plants and animals.

The game physics are also quite admirable. The trees, plants, and grass move naturally as if a gentle wind is blowing. The animals also behave just like the real things.

SimHunt also comes packaged with a hi-tech hit detection camera that will keep track of where you actually hit the virtual animals; this means you will know if you manage to hit the vital spots and actually “kill” the animal.

Fun Factor and Learning Experience

The great thing about SimHunt is that you have the option of playing with a buddy; this not only makes hunting more fun, this also adds a sense of competition that will make you want to improve much faster. The replica hunting rifle and pistol are also well-made and accurately weighted, to complete the realistic feel.

Besides the usual hunting simulation that you might expect, there are many other games and modes included in SimHunt. There are actually over 40 titles, including trap shooting, wild boar runs, and grouse hunting. Every one of these modes will ensure that you will not only improve your hunting skills, you will also have fun.

While SimHunt is super entertaining, it is also a great training tool. After every session, the program will tell you how you can improve your shooting style, accuracy, and overall form. This is actually a much faster way for you to improve your skills as compared to practical experience.

Hardware and Software

The SimHunt Pro™ package contains the following:
  • Tracking camera with camera mount
  • 1 Hunting Rifle (replica)
  • 1 SIRT Training Pistol (replica)
  • 1 Hard Plastic Gun Case
  • The actual SimHunt software (for PC only)
  • Over 40 hunting and shooting titles, scenarios and modes
  • Necessary USB cables
You need to have a projector home entertainment system and a PC powerful enough to run modern games if you plan to get the basic package. However, if you do not have any of these requirements, you can also step up to the SimHunt Theater package, which includes everything in the above package plus a simulator-quality HD projector and a laptop that can run the program smoothly.

Ready... Set... Get a Great Deal!

To be clear, this is not a video game, it is an top notch hunting and shooting simulator. The ability to hunt many types of game at any time of the year, while improving your skills at the same time, is truly priceless. Now is the time to pick up SimHunt™ while our special deal is still going on! Contact us to inquire about our limited time offer.

>> For more info check out SimHunt here!

Thursday, September 10, 2015

You Might Be Surprised Who is Buying Guns

Despite all the new permit and gun control laws, gun sales continue to rise and CC permit applications are increasing. While this isn’t necessarily a surprise, what is intriguing is that women are leading the way. Earlier this year the National Shooting Sports Foundation did a survey concerning women and guns. What they discovered was amazing...

Exponential Growth in Women Shooting!

The survey found that half of the women polled were planning on buying a gun in the next year. One interesting statistic was that in 2001, 3.3 million women participated in target shooting. In 2013 this number had risen to 5.4 million, which is a 60% increase. Bear in mind, these figures do not represent the number of women who have purchased guns for self-protection, which in itself is a burgeoning market.

Gun Ownership is not a “Man Thing” Anymore

Around the country many women only clubs are springing up and making quite an impact. Groups like A Girl and A Gun have chapters nationwide and are catering to this growing audience. Providing a place for women to learn gun safety, shooting and provide entertainment is becoming big business. The age old adage of a man and his gun is becoming outdated and the female consumer base is continuing to blossom.

Safe and Sound Instruction

As more people, not only women, are buying guns for shooting sports and personal protection the need for quality instruction programs continues to grow especially as the demand for CC permits starts to outnumber the instructors. One of the best and safest ways to provide this instruction is with shooting simulators. The military and police forces have been using state-of-the-art simulators for years to help train recruits and sharpen the skills of experienced veterans. The combination of safe, yet realistic scenarios, combined with the obvious cost savings in ammunition always makes this a win-win scenario.

Creating an Experience

Learn about the Pro Marksman
Click here to learn more!
One of the strongest simulators on the market is the Gunfighter Pro Marksman system. This equipment and software provides everything you need to give your clients a fun experience and high quality technical training. In addition, the included real life scenarios provide a unique training opportunity and are invaluable aids in preparing your customers for situations that they might face in everyday life.

Take CCW Training on the Road

Some systems from the Gunfighter are designed to be lightweight and portable giving you the opportunity to host classes at clubs, recreations centers or virtually anywhere. As the need for training increases, you will be able to work with many different groups, as well as the growing number of women, who are interested in gun safety or CC permits. Using shooting simulators you have the ability to go where normal gun ranges cannot.

Get Started Today

As the demand increases so will the competition. One of the best features of these systems is that they are expandable and you can continually add new software, weapons and scenarios. This keeps your presentation and experience a step ahead of other providers. Call us today at 303-926-1003 or contact us here to find out how you can get started today with this amazing technology.

Monday, June 22, 2015

Time for Some Summer Golf!

After a long winter break and dodging spring storms golf season is finally full swing and it’s time to get out there. Longer days results in more opportunities to hit the links, but it also means more heat and sometimes crowded course. Regardless of where you live, the excitement is growing, but before you hit the course, remember to be prepared.

It Can Get Hot Out There

Like most of us, you are probably envious as you drive to the office and see people out on the courses early in the morning. Unfortunately, work schedules often mean you need to get to the office early and sneak in a round after work. This often means that you will be playing during the hottest part of the day.

Playing golf when it is hot adds a new set of challenges. Make sure you are hydrated. If you know you are going to play golf later in the day start drinking water early, even when you are not thirsty. Make sure to wear light colored clothing that fit loosely and bring a hat or umbrella to protect you from the sun. Use plenty of sunscreen and make sure you continually apply more as the day moves on. Most importantly, if you start to feel ill get out of the heat quickly and get medical attention. For more advice on how to stay cool in the heat click here.

Make the Most of your Time

After spending hours rescheduling appointments and freeing up time to get a round in it can be very frustrating to get on the course and to play horribly. If you can’t make it to the range, there are several options to help you get some swings in at home. Hitting nets are a great addition to any golfer’s arsenal. A good one like the Net Return can be used indoors which is great when the weather isn’t cooperating or when you want to practice with air conditioning. Who doesn't like that! It is also a great way to train the up and coming golfers in your family by bringing the game home to them. Spending time with your spouse or kids hitting a few balls in the backyard can be fun while you improve your game at the same time. Can you say "world's greatest dad"?

Easy Golf GPS that You Can Wear

One product that is getting much attention these days is the I’m caddie portable golf GPS. These little devices give you distance to center of the green whether you are in the fairway or find yourself in the rough. It comes preloaded with 22,000+ courses with the ability to load you home course as well – if it isn’t already on there. It’s small enough to fit on the brim of your hat and will give you that competitive edge when you need it.

Want to Get Serious About Your Game?

We talk to a lot of serious golfers and teaching pros and the one thing they are consistently looking for is accurate ball flight data. They also often want something that they can take with them when they practice. The GC2 fits the bill as it provides laser accurate spin and launch data while being completely portable. When you want to practice inside or out at the range, this launch monitor “on steroids” covers your bases. Plus, the easy connectivity with your iPad® or iPhone® will make your training even more productive and a ton of fun. We go into a lot more detail about the GC2 here if you are interested.

Get Out and Get Golfing

Summer is made for golf and you need to get out there and enjoy it. To make the most of your time on the course be prepared by finding products that improve your game without sacrificing what's important. We hand-select the best of the top of the line training products and simulators so that you don't have to scour the web! Bottom line, we make it easy for you to focus on your game, get better and have fun doing it.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Get Your Golf Sim On at 10% Off

Save 10% on TruGolf Simulators until December 19!

Fantastic news for all you golf enthusiasts who love the best in simulated golf systems. Now until December 19th, 2014 you can get 10% off all TruGolf's simulators. Known for the industry leading E6 golf software, TruGolf’s systems are among the best on the market. They have unparalleled realism, true to life ball flight and feature some of the greatest courses of the world.

Play Like the Pros

Purchasers will also be able to take advantage of a buy one get one free deal on all E6 golf course packs. Before you know it you will be golfing on PGA tour venues such as; Pebble Beach, Firestone, Bethpage Black, Torrey Pines and many more. In addition, you will receive the brand new ultra HD “PGA National Resort”. It will be like living the life of a pro golfer!

Why Choose TruGolf?

We have reviewed many systems over the years and TruGolf continues to come in at the top. All the packages come with the same cutting edge technology used in commercial configurations, including the incredible ball flight tracking system. This allows an amazingly accurate playing experience which precisely measures club speed and angle to reproduce what you would experience during a real game. If you slice on the course, you will slice on the simulator, but the advantage is, with the swing analysis tool you can start working on your form to correct this in your own home and improve your live play.

Which Simulators are Included?

The good news is, all of them! Starting from the portable Personal, Professional and Prestige in the Technique series all the way to top of the line series of Signature, Premium and Horizon, you pick the simulator that meets your needs. All packages include the TruTrac Tracking System and a high-definition projector which creates unbelievable images on a commercial grade, high-impact resistant screen. You will be hitting and putting on a durable and lush simulated grass surface that feels as real as it gets. Finally, this whole thing is powered by a custom built, Intel powered computer system.

A Little Secret

Not only is this a great system by itself, but coming soon you’ll be able to enter the world of virtual golf tournaments with players from around the world. Available only through the E6 software, you are getting a head start on the competition. Stay tuned to our site, so you don’t miss out on being one of the first players on this tour. There is even the possibility to win money.

The Weather’s Changing

As the seasons change, play days are becoming more limited and demand for systems will rise. This offer is only available until December 19th, so contact us today for more information or to place your order. We will work with you to design the best system for your space and will have you on the links before you know it. Call us at 888-720-GAME or contact us here. See you on the course.

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Gentlemen Start Your Engines

Car Racing Simulation at its finest!

As one of the most iconic statements of history, few phrases excite or get your heart racing as hearing the words, "Gentlemen, start your engines!" From wagons perched on the top of hills to your first car, auto racing is a mainstay in our culture and one of the most exciting sports to watch. The good news is now you can experience the thrill, sounds and action of racing yourself.

Prepare for High Octane Exhilaration 

SES presents one of the most amazing car racing simulators in existence. With its two inch polished stainless steel tube chassis, state of the art software and top of the line components this package is as cool to look at as it is to use. The Viper and advanced iMotion series exceed traditional race simulators and are deliver exciting performance for professional drivers and race enthusiasts. It’s definitely time to get behind the wheel.

Unparalleled Racing Realism 

Starting with a carbon fiber platform, this durable system is designed to allow versatility and top of the line realism. Its German design includes a long list of features including a quick release wheel, F1-style paddle shifters, LED display with motor RPM and a Clubsport V-2 pedal set. Not only does the vibration system accurately duplicate the feel of driving, you will be surrounded by three 1080 pixel displays and experiencing incredible imagery.

Not real enough? Throw in 500 watts of a 5.1 surround sound system with strategically placed high-end speakers and the only thing you need is thousands of screaming fans. This system is so real you’ll feel like you need to be strapped in!

Don’t Want to be Limited to the Ground? 

Your VRX system can easily be converted to a state-of-the-art flight simulator. Complete with several yoke and flight control options, Saitek Pro Flight combat rudder pedals and a motion system capable of producing 2G's of acceleration and 3-DOF, you’ll quickly find yourself enjoying the freedom of the open sky. Utilizing all the visual and audio components of the racing system, you’ll experience real freedom whether you are landing a fully laden commercial jet in a storm or winning the decisive battle in your USAF-A10C Warthog. This fantastic technology can be purchased as an add-on when you buy your VRX system or later as an upgrade.

Grab Your Helmet and Let’s Go! 

No, you don't really need a helmet but these promise to be some of the hottest moving systems on the market! You will want to make sure you have yours ready to go for that next rainy day or late night racing session.

Contact one of our specialists today or call 888-720-GAME to discover how you can get into the Winners Circle!

Monday, May 5, 2014

The GC2-K Performance Kiosk - It's Time for Something Big

Make Money the Old Fashioned Way

It seems at times everyone is out to make money by cutting corners, attempting to sell inferior products or simply cutting services to increase profits. At SES we are committed to providing the best products that are worth every penny and earn even more! We have talked with many range owners and virtual golf businesses and have seen an increased demand for high quality systems that customers use repeatedly and continue to attract new business. Once again, we are proud to announce another great system.

Introducing the GC2 Kiosk

The Next Generation of Superior Golf Training
Whether you set up the GC2 Kiosk on your outdoor range or indoors on an advanced simulator system your customers will be amazed at the information that is at their fingertips. In an era of big data this system delivers it all. Clients will enjoy the benefits of getting amazing information on their swing and ball flight while hitting a real ball.  This system is set up to bring the ultimate in customer satisfaction and increased revenue.

What Makes the GC2 Kiosk So Special

Powered by the accuracy and reliability of the GC2 Smart Camera System, the package delivers amazing results within an easy to use system. Combined with the FSX Software, users are able to get high quality shot analysis in an environment that is entertaining and aids training even for the most advanced players. The software and hardware are built to last and withstand the elements and golfers. The FSX Software is not only fun to use, but provides real time data on ball flight, allows users to compare club performance and is perfect for lessons.

What You Get

You become the owner of one of the most state of the art systems on the market. No ball marking or special balls are required and ongoing calibration is unnecessary. You can expect the same level of quality you would expect from any GC2 system. In addition, this weather proof system measures ball speed from 2 mph to 200+, and distances from 8 inches - 500+ yds. With this kind of accuracy clients will quickly realize how beneficial this is to their game and continually use the system to improve technique and scores.

Increased Performance and Accuracy

Sports Entertainment Specialists Approved

We strongly believe if you deliver quality products and services to your customer base you will also enjoy increased revenues. This system not only provides the most accurate technology available, but also provides ongoing entertainment and return business from your customers. There are outdoor and indoor models available with the GC2 Kiosk line allowing play at your driving range or indoor golf center.

Limited Time Offer

For a limited time SES is giving away a 5’ x 5’ Real Feel Hitting Mat (a $500 value) with every outdoor unit purchased. We are so confident you’ll love this system that not only will you be using it, but your customers will keep coming back for more. Contact one of our specialists today or call 888-720-GAME to discover how this great system will add to your current set up.

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